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Already in winter 2005, the guitar player and songwriter Berthold Miller had the idea to found a band on his own. These days, he played the rhythm guitar in a rock band from his home town Tettnang called The Light Muffins. As he was a great fan of finnish Heavy Metal-Bands like Nightwish, Sentenced and Stratovarius, he wanted to do this kind of music on his own. His vision was to combine symphonic metal and gothic metal with male vocals. The lyrics should be very melancholic and reflective.

Soon the ideas for the first songs (A sun for you, Legacy of hope, Beyond the waves) arose.

In summer 2005 Berthold left The Light Muffins because of musical and personal problems. He intensely started writing songs and increasing his skills on the instrument to make this project possible. At the same time he began to look for musicians to complete the band. However his search turned out to be very hard and long.

In spring 2006, keyboard player Enrico Hahn answered to an advertisement Berthold had put on the internet. His band Soilent just had parted from their singer. So their activities were very limited and Enrico was looking for new possibilities to make music. Berthold and Enrico met a few times and in spite of the big difference in age, they harmonized very well. Therefore they began to arrange the keyboards for Beyond the waves and Legacy of hope. They worked together nicely and the first demo versions of both songs were developed at that time.

In the end of summer Berthold got a telephone call from a guy called Sali Hasan. Sali was guitar player and singer in the very ambitious cover band Crash. Also Sali's side project called New Turn Red just had split up and so he was looking for new challenges. Berthold and Sali met a few times and soon it became clear that they had the same faves. Sali had the idea to ask the bass player from Crash Bernd Ummenhofer to play in the project, too. He accepted and the band achieved in getting a very solid and experienced bass player. Now only a drummer was still missing.

The four guys arranged the complete versions of Legacy of hope and Beyond the waves and did not give up in searching a suitable man for the drums. Unfortunately there were many cancellations and even after a few guys had been in the rehearsals they hadn't found the appropriate man yet. But then Sali had the idea to call Peter Zimre, who once worked for his company in holidays. Peter came, saw, and stayed.

After a long period of thinking and a huge amount of rejected suggestions the name of the band was found: Mooncry.

During the year 2007 the five guys worked hard. They arranged and practiced songs like hell. The homepage of the band was created and implemented in this time as well. It was designed by Berhold himself and the technical implementation was realized by Berthold and the "sixth band member" and band technician Christoph Tietz.

For the first two weeks of november, a studio for the recordings of the first album was booked. The Band went for the Mediabase Studio in Geretsried near Munich. The producer was Jürgen Plangger, who is singer in the band A_Life [Divided] and guitar player in the band Eisbrecher.

The Album is called Legacy of hope and was recorded, mixed and mastered in the period from Oct 29th - Nov 11th. It contains seven songs and was released on Jan 1st 2008.

In 2008, Mooncry did a lot of promotion for their debut album and they received many very positive reviews.

A live interview on the independent radio station "Kanal-Ratte" and an interview in the argentinian print-magazine "Jugulator" were highlights just as an interview in the may-issue of the big German metal-magazine "Legacy". The title-song "Legacy of hope" was on the sampler of the issue. Thereby this song was sold around 20.000 times in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In November 2008, Mooncry played their first live concert on the music trade-show "mymusic" in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The show was so convincing for the audience and the organizers that a headliner-gig in December and many more outlooks for further shows followed.

Of course, the guys have not been musically inactive during 2008. They worked on material for the next album without a break. The recordings for this record will begin in the winter of 2009 and the release is planned for spring 2010.

In 2009, the guys worked busy on the new album. In the middle of the year, Bernd announced that he will leave the band because of private matters. Until a matching bass-player is found, Alexander Schwenk replaces him as a session-musician. In December Mooncry entered the studio to record their second album "Rivers of Heart". It was recorded and produced at the Empire Studios of Rolf Munkes (Empire, Razorback, Tony Martin…) in December 2009 and January 2010. The official release date is March 25th in 2010.

Alex decided to stay and became a full member of Mooncry. Over the year Rivers of Heart was promoted very intensively and the press feedback was very positive. The guys gave a live interview for the online radio station Metal Only, the most popular online metal radio station in the German speaking area. Additionally there was an interview in the printzine Legacy and the song Seconds in time was on its sampler. In june, Mooncry signed a worldwide distribution deal with Twighlight. So Rivers of Heart was available on the worldwide market for now.

Like announced in different interviews, the band intesively increased their live activities during 2011. The greatest highlight was, without any doubt, their appearance on the Metalfest Helvetia Open Air together with Amorphis, Arch Enemy, Sabaton and Wintersun. In July, CMM, the biggest German independent-promotion-label (Iron Maiden, Slayer, Queensryche, Megadeth, Savatage, Halford, Black Sabath…) became aware of Mooncry and the band signed a new distribution deal under their division SAOL. Rivers of Heart was re-released by SAOL on Oct 22nd.

Owing to the great promotion work of the SAOL guys, again many reviews were released for Rivers of Heart. For example in the December issues of the most popular german print zines Metal Hammer (4/7), Rock Hard (7/10) and Rock It! (7,5/10). The Austrian online magazine Stormbringer voted Rivers of Heart the best album in 2011 and Mooncry as the surprise act in 2011.

In the last quarter of the year the band began to write new songs for their 3rd album.

2012 was totally dedicated to the songwriting for the next album. But also a few really cool gigs were played: Mooncry was tour support for Serenity, Co.- Headliner with the legendary band Axxis and headliner of the Bodensee-Festival.

In spring, again at the Empire studios of Rolf Munkes, the recordings for the 3rd Mooncry album started. The album is called "A Mirrors Diary" and was released on Dec 6th 2013. Additionally a music video for the song Scylla was recorded.

The new album was promoted intensively and got really great feedback. Again, different interviews were given to several print zines like Rock It!, Orkus! or Break Out. And for the second time, Sali and Berti visited Wolle of the metal radio station MetalOnly.

In April, Mooncry played on the Masters of Symphonic Metal festival at Z7 in Pratteln (CH) together with Delain, Leaves Eyes and others.

In summer Peter decided to leave Mooncry. Luckily a worthy successor was found quickly in Philipp "Phil" Zeller.

In 2015 there were two live-highlights. The band played a gig on the Metaldays Festival in Sloviena with Accept, Dream Theater, Saxon and more. And they again played on the Masters of Symphonic Metal Festival at Z7 in Pratteln (CH) together with Beyond the Black, Masterplan and more.
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